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 I/O Expander [TE7740RPF]

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I/O Expander for car navigation_TE7740RPF

[Package Size]
81Pins PFBGA
0.8 mm ball pitch 8mm square

TE7740RPF has I/O functions such as SPI (up to 6 MHz CPI clock frequency) and UART (up to 3 Mbps baud rate). This allows for a direct connection with a CPU bus through the 8 bit asynchronous interface and resolves the I/O function insufficiency problem of CPU.


- Universal I/O port (GPIO): 36ports
- Asynchronous serial UART: 5ch
    <16Byte FIFO>(1ch with flow capability)
- Synchronous serial SPI (Host): 4ch
    <2ch:32Byte FIFO>
- PWM: 2ch
- Pulse counter: 2ch
- I2C (Master): 2ch
CPU I/F: 8bit asynchronous bus I/F
External input clock: max. 48 MHz
Operation temperature: -40deg C to +85deg C
Power source/voltage: core 1.8V, I/O 3.3V
Package: 81pin PFBGA (with 0.8 mm ball pitch), size: 8 mm × 8 mm

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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