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Macro Inspection Module

Optimized module for a detection (visualization) of Mura, Stain, foreign particle, various scratches, those are produced in production process of Cover Glass, Liquid Crystal Panel, Semiconductor Wafer.

 <Module embedded system sample>

Advantages Self-developed Macro Inspection Technology
High sensitive sensor Module Configuration
Module Specification Imaging samples Ordering Information


Enable to check a trend of an entire work at a glance.
Very short inspection time, enable a total inspection.

Self-developed Macro Inspection Technology

Proven proprietary technology for a detection of scratches, Mura, etc.using a reflected light

High sensitive sensor

Make it possible to visualize very small surface irregularities

・Self-developed super low noise line sensor enables to capture an image at high S/N ratio.
・Common line sensor typically has 2~3 random noise at 256 gradation processing, our sensor has only less than 1 random noise .

Module Configuration

<Line sensor, Lighting> <PC> <Image Processing

Module Specification

 Camera resolution  14µm - 50µm
 Pixel count  approx. 8,000 pixels
 Camera count  1 unit *expandable
 View field  Approx.110mm - 400mm
 Output image  B/W 8bit
 Light source  Macro specialized lighting
 PC  2 units (for sensor x1, for imaging software x1)
 Imaging software  1 set

Imaging samples : Semiconductor wafer

Detection samples

Cover glass for smart phone Camera resolution : 14μm

<Original image> <Detection image>

Mura produced in production process of thin-film.

<Original image> <Detection image>

※Mura detection algorithm is produced by a joint development of SMICS and Tokyo Electron Device.

Ordering Information

   Please contact us.

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