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 Xilinx FPGA Configuration control LSI [TE7725PF]

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Xilinx FPGA 配置控制 LSI_TE7725PF

[Package Size]
100Pins QFP 16×16mm
The inrevium TE7725PF is a second generation FPGA configuration control LSI. The TE7725PF is enabling to configure the Xilinx FPGA with a NOR flash memory on the board instead of using conventional PROMs. Up to 256Mbit flash memory is supported and both 2.5V/3.3V IO voltages are helpful for various kinds of Xilinx FPGA family. With sharing a flash memory chip on the board both for CPU boot memory and FPGA configuration data, the TE7725PF helps to significantly reduce a board size and a total cost. In addition, the TE7725PF supports the Master Select MAP mode, the configuration in a parallel interface for a high-speed configuration. This solution would be useful to reduce a configuration time for high-density FPGAs.


Supported Xilinx FPGA:
Virtex/-E/-II/-II Pro/-II ProX/-4/-5
Supported Flash memory:
Spansion 16Mbit to 256Mbit
Read/Write/Erase function for Flash memory
JTAG instruction function
Power-on sequence control enable output function
Core voltage 2.5V, IO voltage 2.5V/3.3V
FPGA configuration mode:
Master Serial Mode
Master Select MAP Mode
FPGA configuration function for Xilinx FPGA
Flash memory address designation function by external setup pin
Status output function
TE7725Player interface function

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Case 1: Saving a board space and total cost
Case 1: Saving a board space and total cost

Case 2: Sharing a flash memory for CPU boot program and FPGA datas on the board
Case 2: Sharing a flash memory for CPU boot program and FPGA datas on the board

System Diagram

System Diagram

Alphabet charactor represents following notice.

R= BGA package ( The product number without "R" is provided by QFP package.)
PF= Pd Free products
Note) The alphabet circled ( ) means package option product is available to the customers.
ie. TExxxxPF(RPF) has tow package options (BGA and QFP) and both are Pb Free.

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