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Intelligent 3D TOF Camera Development Kit

It is a development kit that can begin immediately evaluation. You can customize every detail.


What’s TOF Camera?  Product Description  Block Diagram
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What’s TOF Camera?

The TOF --Time of Flight-- camera, it is the depth image sensing camera that can measure the depth distance at each pixel by the reflection time from the near-infrared light of objects that have been pulse emission. TOF camera is the promising solution that can be applied to a variety of applications that require three-dimensional information in the industrial field.

object / Sensor / Reflected light / Irradiation light
 / Light source Distance = Light Speed x Time

 Output three types of image at the same optical axis

Color Image* Depth Image NIR Image

*Only RGB-TOF Type

 Depth image  Object recognition
The image that the distance information was pseudo colorization
Extract only the object to be located at a particular distance.

It can be realized easy to separate from the background of the necessary parts. It improves and reduces the recognition accuracy of the identification process.

 Object surveillance  Form recognition
It can be detected an object can not be detected from the visible image by using depth image. It is useful for detection and warning of intrusion into the area.
It is possible to recognize the shape of the object simply by shooting a three-dimensional shape and texture (color pattern) without parallax.

Product Description

Controller of TOF sensor module is implemented in ARM internal organs FPGA (Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC). It is possible to customize over the details on the user side. Easily build a PC-based evaluation environment and host processing system by utilizing the sample application and SDK provided.

TOPセンサモジュール / TOF Raw date / 制御モジュール(ARM内蔵FPGA) / TOF演算データ出力→←センサ制御コマンド入力← / Ethernet / ホストシステム(パソコン)SDK / →データ入力←コマンド出力 / サンプルアプリ
 Can build intelligent TOF camera system by making use of the user area of the ARM microprocessor and FPGA  Can integrate to existing host system and can build PC-based evaluation system by using SDK

Block Diagram

TOF Camera Unit

【Free Customization Environment】
Not only the software of the host system but also ARM system and FPGA of the Control Module is open to the developer. It provides a highly free development environment.

By making the best use of dual-core system on the Control Module, it is possible to build an intelligence standalone 3D sensing system by single TOF Camera Unit.

【TOF Camera Unit appearance】

TOF Camera Unit appearance
TOF Camera Unit appearance


Part Number TB-7Z-TCDK-GC2 TB-7Z-TCDK-GC3
Sensor ¼"TOF sensor ¼"TOF sensor
Resolution Depth & IR:640×480 RGB:640×480
Depth & IR:320×240
Frame rate 45fps 23fps(RGB)
23fps(Depth & IR)
Field of view 67.1 deg(D) × 54.6 deg(H) × 41.4 deg(V)
Light source NIR Laser diode Wavelength 850nm×4 Class1
Detecting range 0.3m - 9.6m
Lens Focal length:3.66mm f/number:1.3
Processor Xilinx Zynq-7000 AP SoC XC7Z020-1CLG400
Memory DDR3 SDRAM 512MB, QSPI Flash 16MB
lnterface Gigabit Ethernet x2, microSD socket, USB-UART
Power DC 5V(4.9-5.1V)
Operation temperature 0 - +50 degree C
Size / Weight 100mm × 65mm × 40mm / 180g (Tentative)

Ordering information

Part Number Deliverables
(ALL-TOF Type)
・TOF Camera Unit
・Accessories (Power supply, Micro SD, Tripod, LAN cable)
・SDK, Sample design
・Documents (Startup guide, FPGA design manual, SDK sample design manual)
* Data is provided from TED Support Web site.(TED Support Web is a site only for purchaser.)
(RGB-TOF Type)

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