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UHS-Ⅰ _SD卡控制器_TE4302

[Package Size]
121Pins BGA, 0.8 mm ball pitch
10 mm square, 1.4 mm high


The TE4302 is a controller LSI that supports UHS-I SD card standard and eMMC DDR mode of eMMC standard. Supporting SDR50, which is the highest bus speed mode of the UHS-I, the LSI maximizes data transfer performance with the new generation of UHS-I SD memory cards. Also, the media interface supports two channels.


(1) SD card
Bus width: 1/4 bit
Supported bus speed modes
SD memory card SD card supported UHS-Ⅰ
  existing SD card
Bus Speed mode SDR50 SDR25 SDR12 DDR50* HS DS
data transfer performance
*standard value
50 25 12.5 50 25 12.5
Operating frequency 100 50 25 50 50 25
Signal Voltage 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 3.3 3.3
*DDR50:standard size SD card (option)、microSD card (standard)

Supported memory capacities:
SDXC (32GB to 2TB) / SDHC (2GB to 32GB) / SDSC (up to 2GB)
Supports eSD Addendum 2.10 (Boot function is not supported)
SDIO specification ver. 3.00 4bit asynchronous interrupt and 8bit bus (eSDIO only) are supported.

(2) eMMC
Bus width: 1/4/8 bit
Supported bus speed modes:
- DDR mode (Max.52MHz)@VccQ/Vcc=1.8V
- High Speed mode (Max.52MHz)
- Backward Compatible mode (Max.20MHz)
Supported memory capacities: Up to 2TB
*Boot function: Not supported.
* Supports 1.8V eMMC (Not supported 3.3V eMMC)

[Host side interface]
CPU interface mode : Support to 32-bit or 16-bit synchronous CPU interface (Bus Clock:50MHz)

IO voltage: 1.8 V / 3.3 V
Packages and Operating ambient temperature

Part Number Package Operating ambient temperature
0.8 mm ball pitch
10 mm square
1.4 mm high
-40 to +85 deg C

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System Diagram

SD UHS-Ⅰ System Diagram


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