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SD/eMMC Host Controller LSI
SD/eMMC Host Controller LSI
SD Host Card Test Tool
Tokyo Electron Device is an original member of the SD Association, and our goal is always to deliver to our customers the highest-quality SD Memory / SDIO Card controller technology based on the newest standards. Under its brand name "inrevium", we have LSI controller for the demand of our customer design. SD/eMMC Host Controller LSI

SD/eMMC Host Controller LSI

Host Controler
(SD Card/eMMC)
SD Physical Layer Spec 3.0
(High ・speed )
SD Clock Max.100MHz Max.50MHz Max.25MHz
SDIO Spec 3.00
4bit synchronous interrupt and
8bit bus (eSDIO Only) are suppoted.
2.00 1.00
eMMC Spec
* Boot function is not Supported.
4.4x 4.3x 3.xx
Host I/F 16bit/32bit bus 16bit bus 8bit/16bit bus
Media I/F 2ch 1ch 1ch
Power source 3.3/1.8V 3.3V 3.3V
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 deg C -40 to +85
deg C
0 to +70
deg C
Package 121 Pins BGA
10x10mm / 0.8mm pitch
64 Pins QFP
48 Pins QFP


SD Host / Card Test Tool

UHS-II Protocol Tester
[SD_UHS-Ⅱ_Card Tester / SD_UHS-Ⅱ_Host Tester]
TD-BD-SDCMP-UHS2-C/H Almost all items defined in SDA UHS-II Protocol Test Spec can be tested with using this test platform.

More Information

SD Compliance Test System [ TD-BD-SDCMPTestC ]  
td-bd-sdcmp This board is a SD memory card test tool for verifying compliancy to the SD compliance test spec, Part1_Test_Spec_for_Card_Version3.0 Test Group6 provided by SDA.

For more information contact:
BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH

Alphabet charactor represents following notice.

R= BGA package ( The product number without "R" is provided by QFP package.)
PF= Pd Free products
Note) The alphabet circled ( ) means package option product is available to the customers.
ie. TExxxxPF(RPF) has tow package options (BGA and QFP) and both are Pb Free.

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