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High Accurate Programmable Tri-level Sync Separator

 High Accurate Programmable
Tri-level Sync Separator [TE8201PF]

High Accurate Programmable Tri-level Sync Separator_TE8201PF

[Package Size]
48Pins QFP 9mm x 9mm

TE8201PF is a high accuracy programmable ture Tri-level sync separator for any kind of High Definition Image Processing applications.

The Sync Separator, TE8201PF is for High Definition LCD and Plasma Display.
TE8201PF separates the Horizontal and the Vertical Sync Pulse form an Input signal of NTSC/PAL/SECAM, HDTV's VIDEO signal and PC, etc.


Supports a variety of input signals and easy to development
Supports SCART connector
Control temperature drift fewer than the picosecond
Improves Noise Immunity because of internal Noise Mask gates
Supports true Tri-level Sync (Video ports) witch is controllable

Alphabet charactor represents following notice.

R= BGA package ( The product number without "R" is provided by QFP package.)
PF= Pd Free products
Note) The alphabet circled ( ) means package option product is available to the customers.
ie. TExxxxPF(RPF) has tow package options (BGA and QFP) and both are Pb Free.

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